Welcome to Chou Research Group 

Our group is foucsed on materials innovation for developing the next-generation materials, electronics and concept. The use of the basic principles in chemistry and material science is enable us to explore the interesting characteristics of organic and carbon-based materials for soft functional materials and sustainable energy. This unique and multidisciplinary approach is built a combined fundamental molecular design and practical applications, to redefine the chemical issues outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a fundamental understanding of the complex system.

We are always looking for students and postdoctoral fellows to join our group.

November 14-15 ,2019

受邀ICE-MLF 2019演講 / 韓國慶熙大學

November 8-9 ,2019

66th TwIChE , 恭賀博士生Mohamed 博士生丁立宇英文口頭競賽佳作

October 28- 30 , 2019

FAPS會議,狂賀博士生Mohamed獲得Golden Poster Awards

October 26 , 2019


October 16-19 , 2019

4th AMSM 2019 韓國仁川 受邀演講,並獲選為Best Paper Award

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